June 15, 2004

Rambutan Pics...

Sorry about the lack of information here recently. My time abroad is quickly disappearing. Here are a few pictures taken in and around my current home before my camera ceased to function. The people you see here are a mix of travellers, employees, and regular visitors. I keep intending to provide an account of some of the everyday activities around here as well as some of the not-so-everyday activities, but that may or may not happen. A few random things:
I went paragliding a few weeks ago.
There is a man who stops by everyday selling bread for 50 cents a loaf.
In Granada when you order a drink at a bar you get a free tapa.
All Americans miss Mexican food.
I change the sheets on between three and eight beds each day.
We have a pregnant cat.
The hike up the hill is worth it.
And now, the pictures:

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