May 03, 2004

Brussels, Paris, Bordeaux, BAB...

I realize that I haven't posted much in the way of textual information recently, but I'll try to fill in a little bit here and add more later. After leaving Prague I spent an afternoon in Brussels before training it down to Paris. Brussels was a little underwhelming, but not unpleasant. It's hard to judge a city based on five hours there however.

Upon arriving in Paris I found my way to the apartment of my cousin Nina and her boyfriend Vincent. Their place is about the size of mine in Madison AKA tiny, but very cozy and it never felt too cramped. It was fun to meet some of their friends and participate in the shooting of "Pas Lis" (in theaters soon!). I also met up with Elizabeth who I had met in Prague and helped her celibrate her 21st along with some of her American friends. Other highlights of Paris included short film night at a small arty theater and watching a pair of films made by a friend of Nina and Vincent. It was a cinematic week.

I reluctantly left Paris Thursday morning for Bordeaux where I met up with MK, one of Elizabeth's friends who was heading south as well. There's not a lot to do in Bordeaux, but we explored the city a bit, saw "Coffee and Cigarettes" and did the obligatory wine tour by bus.

After Bordeaux I ventured further south to Biarritz, although I'm actually staying in Anglet now and the whole area is known as BAB (Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne). The Anglet hostel is about a five minute walk from a beautiful beach which I understand is the best place to surf in Europe. For me that just means the best place to watch surfing, but I'm not complaining. I've been hanging out here with Rob and Dan, a couple blokes from Bristol on a weeklong surfing holiday. Tomorrow I'll leave France and familiar language to go to San Sebastian in Spain where I'll have to get by on my few Spanish phrases including "It's true", "One beer", and "Tell me, where is my chocolate?" Should make for an interesting week.

To wrap up, here is a sample of some of the fun symbols that can be produced on a French keyboard:

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