May 25, 2004


Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but if you assumed it was because I've been having a great time, you were right. Such a great time in fact, that I've decided to extend my stay in Granada for another month or so. After a couple of fun weeks staying at the Rambutan, I was offered the opportunity to clean, make beds, serve beer, and collect travellers from the train and bus stations for several hours each day in order to pay for my bed each night. If anyone is interested in taking a little vacation to the south of Spain, let me know because I would love to see some friends or family. Otherwise, simple words of encouragement via email are nice too. I'll try to keep updating with more information about my situation and a few more pictures (although the picture chronology will stop abruptly last Friday night when I dropped my camera, only to continue when I figure out how to fix it or it fixes itself). Wish me luck and hasta luego.

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